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Question of the Month


  • Dorothy S. - Nature: the wind, the rain and the sun intensity have their own way of existing and moving which cannot be choreographed.
  • Ben S. - Now thinking of it --- it seem that choreography is very limited to what humans want to implement intentional movement direction to.
  • William F. - I cannot choreograph the Beethoven's 5th.... When the music is too loud, the choreographer should shut up.
  • Nancy F. - Improvisation is not choreograph-able, unless it is structured.
  • Shirra K. - Dancers who are not excited about the choreography or the choreographer.
  • Therese G. - Unless I open my mind and imagination, nothings can be choreographed.
  • Asami S. - Music that is not inspiring cannot be choreographed.
  • E. B. - True emotions and experiences cannot be choreographed!
  • Samuel H. - I would say that EVERYTHING in certain contexts has the ability to be choreographed. But for me to answer the question as "Nothing." isn't justified either because even the concept of "nothing" can be choreographed. Therefore, my response to the question is really to have no response as all. Anything in response to that question, for me, can still be choreographed.
  • Ivy C. - For me choreographing non emotional statements or ideas can be hard to convey.
  • Edward F. - The sense of smell, or black matter because they are both indescribable through movement...
  • Jyunko W. - Dance genre that I have never danced before.
  • Azusa H. - Nothing because dance can exist on imaginary world. If the choreographer says this is air, it is air. But for the audiences to understand and see it in the same, is a different story.
  • Althea S. - The specificity of spoken language...
  • Elizabeth G. - My first instinct was to respond that nothing is beyond the scope of choreography. Even the most erroneous elements in the universe can be abstracted or re-imagined through the eyes of the choreographer. The real test for a choreographer's skills, is to use all the elements of stage craft, lighting, music, costume, as well as movement, to concertize any subject or concept. But, if it I must give a response of some kind, I would say that I can't choreograph grammar.
  • George J. - Infinity, eternity because choreography’s dimensions are space, time and flesh.
  • Renana R. - If you look at choreography as a form of composition and order, then you understand that everything that surrounds us is choreographed.
  • David D. - I believe it is impossible to have limitations on any subject matter that can be translated through dance and movement. Dance is art - and art must remain the reflection of who we all are.
  • Naima P. - Political issues are complicated. They cannot be choreographed literally but must be choeographed symbolically and metaphorically.
  • Doung Y. - Life.. often cannot be planned and choreographed.
  • Jonathan S. - Anything that we cannot predict, for example an unexpected accident , cannot be choreographed.
  • Doris D. - A bunch of monkeys on a tree...
  • Angelo V. - Cannot be choreographed meaning... can't control, sequence, structure or create movement from scratch?
  • Desi J. - A robot without batteries. Bad robot!..
  • Luke K. - According to Doris Humprey, you could not create a dance about a dog. I often ask students to create a movement phrase from a statement containing literal and abstract concepts. Things like color seem to stifle them the most....but not completely.