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Question of the Month


  • Tony B. - From nature, art, personal feelings
  • George L. - I often steal dance material and then I make it personal and applicable to my experience and to serve my choreography.
  • Vlad A. - Movements do not simply come to me, I discover them
  • Mellissa G. - Great music drives movements out of my body….
  • Jonathan S. - Definitely from my heart and then from my feet
  • Fernanda M. - For me movements originate from other movements. The only thing I do is remain aware and stay tuned…
  • Alexandra B. - My movements spring from a place where speech is powerless and music is only a lovely background
  • Byb Chanel B. - Movements come to me through three processes. First, the visualization of imagines that reveal emotions. Second, sounds, any sound. I open my ears and let the body react to it. At last, through connecting with the voice and spirit of my ancestors.
  • Nadra A. - I have two main catalysts. The first one is emotions, and unfortunately usually sadness or frustration. For some reason these emotions move me to move. The second is people watching. For some reason watching others move also moves me.
  • Flores D. - As long as you're alive, you're moving. For me...perhaps from an impulse to re-act; usually to a compelling experience internally or externally. If I should lose my senses, I should either go insane or find cerebral, blissful masterpieces!
  • Asami S. - For me, it starts from circling. Sometimes it's circling different parts of body, and other times it starts in my head, circling with my mind and see where it will lead me to.
  • Therese G. - It's a physical release of an entire spectrum of emotions, feelings and senses that I've experienced in my life. In an open space, I allow my body to respond to these cognitive and natural wanderlusts of movement and discovery.
  • Shira K. - Rather than being inspired by purely external stimuli, the true source of my movement is my emotions. I am nothing if not an emotional creature, and my movement is a kinetic representation of my energetic state.
  • Luke K. - The first step is the need to create itself, followed by allowing my brain and body to explore my surroundings, experiences and knowledge until something matches up with this need. Movement itself comes from whatever source seems to serve the idea.
  • Tomohito S. - It starts from thinking about the effect I want to give with the movement I'm about to create.
  • Yukako U. - It comes from our emotions. When I'm happy, my movements are staccato. I think about how do I want the audience and dancers to feel.
  • Ivy C. - Music is a huge inspiration for myself. Sometimes an idea will come together and I'll just play with movement and have ambient music in the background.
  • Samuel H. - My movement originates from the lineage of those who came before me; from a desire for catharsis; from the furtherest points and/or from the most central; from their inquiry, sometimes; from a curiosity of limits, edges, and containers.
  • Diana M. - My movement originates spontaneously, swirling around in my mind, and I can feel the movement in my body even if I am not moving.
  • Althea S. - My movement originates in my inspiration- whether a body part (my core, elbow), an idea (diversity, persistence), a feeling (rage, floating) or an image (Klimt's the Kiss).
  • Rachel H. - My movement comes from different things. Some times I am influenced by music I hear, the relationship I have with someone, something I read, or an internal force.