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Question of the Month

Should choreography be sanitized?

  • Andre S. - Choreographers should be able to freely express anything they want to express.
  • Maria B. - There should be some sensibility especially when making dances for youth audiences.
  • Boris W. - It is the choreographer’s duty to be bold, courageous and fearless --- remember Ballet Russes!
  • Courtney A. - If the choreography is to the point and it is purposefully executed, it should not be censored.
  • Leah B. - When it comes to depiction of violent/rape scenes and political issues, then those themes should be tackled carefully. Choreographers should be concern how the content of their dances comes across.
  • Jacek T. - Never. And yet, it is happening more and more… Cannot believe Krzysztof Pastor’s “Death in Venice” got canceled because of immorality. Who decides what moral art is?
  • Igor Z. - Perhaps you should ask the question about where the border line between being politically correct and freedom of speech is. Or, between good and bad taste?
  • Elena V. - I feel like… we are becoming less free while being more sensitive and less understanding while being more demanding.
  • Maggie J. - If Ratmansky’s “Odessa” premiered during different political climate, we would not have such a debate now...