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Question of the Month


  • John W. - Funding, funding and more funding... Need to support my dance company in order to choreograph
  • Amelia P. - I do not have a laundry list, and I have everything I need to make a dance if not on others, then on myself.
  • Peter F. - Time. I always wish there are a few more rehearsals on the schedule for me to perfect things. I feel my dances are always uncompleted...
  • Michaela L. - More commissions will be nice. Getting the attention of artistic directors is not always easy for a freelancer
  • Alicia M. - I need dancers, space and funding. It is strange that our creative process needs logistics which do not require creativity but practicality to get.
  • Anabella L. - As a mother, teacher and immigrant living in NYC, working on a new piece, “No More Beautiful Dances,” I find that what I need the most to choreograph is time: time to improvise, film, take notes, dialogue with collaborators, reframe, and re-perform.
  • Diana M. - Space! Which I now finally have.
  • Kyoko F. - Inspiration, brain and music.
  • Maura G. - 1. Studio Space...yes, please, pretty please 2. A Development Grant
  • Becky L. - A cleared head; usually by running, writing, and sitting among trees (especially if there’s wind), all of which require time.
  • Stacy P. - Space is essential!
  • Kimmie D. - Generally speaking: unbridled passion for a vision (commitment, knowledge, skills) + a community of patrons/participants who believe + funding (for logistics, time, space, venue, PR, etc.). It is a juggling act to cultivate all three.
  • Liz G. - Ideas, and the technique, creativity and persistence to realize them through movement.
  • Chard G. - The truth!
  • Nancy A. - Inspiration (which can come from many things including ideas, dreams, people, places, commissions, deadlines etc.), time, space, money — generally, in that order.
  • Donna D. - I need to choreograph. Period. It’s a lifeline for me. It’s a mode of creative expression. It is equally challenging and satisfying, profoundly human and deeply engaging as an artistic process. For me, choreography is life.
  • Nicole M. - I need to embrace the moment/unknown and all that transpires in each moment to ride the kinetic energetic wave when the movement emerges. I need a notion/idea/inspiration/conceptual framework to direct and pull from while investigating/exploring/experimenting with myself and my dancers. I need to tap into my intuitive passion for choreographing and believe in myself, my ideas, and the world(s) I am creating. I need to be genuinely connected to the essence of what I am researching and the courage to dig deeper, and excavate.