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Question of the Month


  • John V. - Sure. The act of creating motion with artistic intention makes ANY choreography an art.
  • Amanda M. - Not always. Coordinating aircrafts taking off on the airport runway is in certain way a choreography, but not necessary art. Being an air traffic controller is just a job.
  • Marie M. - No really. Art is in depth statement addressing the human condition. Putting moves together does not make all choreography art.
  • Elizabeth G. - Well, there is an intention to plan movement, but if that is all artful expression I am not sure...
  • Vlad A. - There is a difference between “choreographic phrase” which is mostly art, and “movement combination” which is not always art.
  • Julia C. - Definitely yes, however not a FINE ART in all occasions...
  • Truly B. - It depends on how you are choosing to define "Art". I do not believe that all works presented as choreography should be considered "Dance Art", some are "Performance Art"; while dance is movement, not all movement is dance.
  • Stacy P. - Yes! Art, n. artisan, articulate/ratio, from Latin "artus"joint, to join or to fit together, 1. human ability to make things: as distinguished from the world of nature, 2. making or doing of things that that display form, perception, hopefully love
  • Liz G. - No, all choreography isn't art. Broadly, choreography consists of organizing movement, which may be everything from a routine for aerobics or folk dance (which may be the basis for a work of art but isn't art itself) to a ballet performance.
  • Kelly W. - yes- but the criteria for whether it is "good" art or valuable art is subjective. It is culturally specific and also depends on the evaluators criterion. for example I adjudicated a composition exam in Asia and they did not sue western criteria
  • Kitty L. - No, I don't think every piece of choreography is art. I don't believe every dancer is an artist. I believe that "Art" can stand the test of time, where as some work can barely stand for one showing.
  • Cheryl J. - Choreography that is designed for the sole purpose of teaching or learning a dance concept or technique is an exercise or a study. Choreography designed with the intension of expression, revealing universal truths, approaches the state of art.
  • Bonnie S. - If I was from another planet studying humans, and saw choreography as a human design of bodies in space, I could lump it together as choreography and call it ART. I struggle though to get passed my elite biases about what is good, or bad dance.
  • Yoav K. - No, I do not believe that all choreography is art. Some choreography is created for the mere purpose of learning and studying the art of making dances. Although it might motivate, inspire or eventually become art, it not always begins as art.
  • Septime W. - Any time the human body moves in service of communication there is choreography happening. It may not be "high art" as we know it, but there is (almost) always something ennobling about communicating with our bodies.
  • Annabelle L. - Yes, in my opinion wherever craftsmanship is involved, it is art. The venue or type of audiences don't diminish the fact that a piece of dance was created.
  • Kyoko F. - Based on the definition in the Encyclopædia Britannica, choreography is art. However, art is very subjective. Thus I would not say that every choreography I have seen in my life is art.
  • Norisham Osman O. - Choreography is a practice or a method of organising movement, reaction or response from another third person perspectives or even one self. Not all could be considered as art. Sometimes, it is used for devising be it in Theatre, Dance or music.
  • J C. - Of course !!!!