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Question of the Month


  • Cynthia W. - I explore and express through movement various types of emotional landscapes.
  • Maurice J. - Dance is extension of who I am, and my reason to make a dance addresses inspirations ranging from music and life experiences.
  • Vlad A. - Multiple reasons: I am entering the zone of mystery, excitement, challenges, discoveries, learning, evolving and purification. I am farming my inner Avant-Garden. I am sharing creativity with others.
  • Septime W. - My main reason to make a dance is to communicate something I can't communicate in any other way.
  • Erica R. - Some dances and choreographers excite me, they make me want to see dance. Therefore, I make dances that would excite me as an audience member.
  • Katie B. - My reasons to make a dance are usually to explore a theme or concept in which I'm interested, or to get the chance to work with someone in particular. Or to say or show something that can't be expressed any other way.
  • Shauna E. - I love the satisfaction of completing something that began as a random thought or inspiration but then grew more layers and meanings than I could have known.
  • Doug Y. - The reasons that I make dances are to convey a story, a message, or a feeling while experiencing the magic of art coming to life through the human body.
  • Sharon M. - I make dances (spontaneously or otherwise) to better understand myself & the world(s) I live in.
  • Felipe O. - I choreograph because it's my way to have a collaborative conversation with the dancers and audiences.
  • Annabelle L. - I make dances to share my views about the world we live in. I feel that it is the language in which I express myself the most eloquently and easily than with words.
  • Helen H. - Dance is a non-verbal language. I make dances to express, through movement, what my heart sees and feels. I make dances to share joy and sorrow, to teach and inspire and to build community.
  • Nancy F. - The reason is put us in touch with or to connect to ourselves and everything in the universe, to elevates and simultaneously immerses us into what it is to be alive, human and evolving.
  • Angela G. - Sometimes there is a political/social issue that I feel connected to and this is my way to bring awareness about it to others. Sometimes there is a more personal issue and I want to use dance as the way to connect it to the universal.
  • Boyko D. - My reason to make dance as a choreographer/dancer is because dance is the highest form of communication and I want to be able to express myself and connect with the others in the most true and pure way.
  • Alexandra B. - I speak my unspoken words through my choreography. I can tell a story; share my feelings and thoughts; make a statement or change through movement.
  • Ayelet H. - I make dance because nothing else makes me truly happy as developing a new dance project. I have lots of things I want to say and explore, and making dance allows me to do just that.
  • Desi J. - To create a dance is to connect with the universal mind of movement, thought, emotion, and self-discovery. I love exploring and fusing this connection with the traditional folk art pushing the limits of imagination and immersing into the unknown.
  • Edward F. - My reason to choreograph is to give all involved an opportunity to express our human spirit... That inner, most protected sense of self; without any judgment...
  • Diana M. - Choreography is a way to feel and perceive things differently, whether as a choreographer or an audience member, through the immersive environment of the theater. I choreograph when I have something important to share.
  • Lorena P. - My life makes no sense if I can't show and share my talent to the world. When I dance there is no pain, no anger, no hurry, no sadness. It's only me and the dance floor. It is when i can better express myself as a human being.
  • Charles S. - My main reason for creating dance and choreographing is to use physicality to express art. Art is expressed through different means, such as paint or words, and choreography is using a literal body to convey a feeling.
  • Mats E. - To dance is how to write in the water, the text fades but the water remains.