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Question of the Month


  • Sharon M. - I like the work of Urban Bush Women. It is about not just the art form, but also social outreach.
  • Allison C. - Isadora Duncan has a profound impact on me both as a dancer and a choreographer.
  • Mattew R. - There is a long list of choreographers who inspire me and I am learning from. In addition, I also love cinema and find a lot of ideas which can be translated into dance, for examaple let me mention the great Charles Chaplin.
  • Andrea S. - Different choreographers inspire me for different reasons, but definitely giants such as Balanchine, Kylian and Forsythe.
  • Vlad A. - I think what inspires me mostly is not so much the PERSON, but the WORK. Sometimes, I see a wonderful piece by an unknown choreographer and I think it is great that the work carries a name and not the other way around.
  • Bonnie S. - Ni Ketut Arini, commonly known as Ibu Arini from Denpasar Bali inspires me. Ibu Arini is a Balinese dance master teacher. She works tirelessly teaching the children in her school, gives daily to the gods, and is the one of the kindest people I know.
  • Asami S. - I am inspired by everyday life experience. Overhearing conversations on the bus or one sentence that stood out from the book I was reading.
  • Therese G. - I'm continually inspired by such innovative and pioneering choreographers such as Crystal Pite, William Forsythe and Jiri Kylian. Such storytellers in pure poetic movement that drives and inspires me every time I witness their work.
  • Tomohito S. - Myself. I am still trying to find out about myself and in that process, I get inspired to choreograph.
  • Yako O. - Seeing myself in mirror. I look at the person and think about how to move her. What movement will look interesting on her...
  • Briana S. - There isn't a specific person that inspires me but I'm inspired by the human spirit and how it manifests into physical creation. Why? Because it forms our sense of reality, and how we express and connect.
  • Rachel T. - When I'm working, I'm most inspired by my dancers. My choreography doesn't take shape until I'm in the studio with my dancers. Watching them perform a new phrase or discussing a concept with them inspires me to expand the idea in directions that I couldn't have come up with on my own.
  • Noncy F. - The epic works of musical, literary and philosophical geniuses and of course- dreams! Dreams- the perfect poetic collision of fiction and nonfiction, personal and universal!
  • Kathleen K. - Merce Cunningham, a genius dance maker ahead of his time that used chance procedure and other methods to create magic for the global dance community.
  • Sara S. - I find myself very inspired by a great piece of music, a good story- something exciting, mysterious and suspenseful - can be a source of inspiration.
  • Truly B. - I am inspired by my children and their ability to create without caring about how it is received. They create movement from the heart; their joy in dance is utterly contagious!
  • Sean H. - I found recent inspiration in the work of Cari Ann Shim Sham*, whose work expands ideas of what is possible in the world of performance. Using video and projection, she helps create worlds that are vivid and refreshingly unique.