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Dance ICONS is a global network for choreographers of all levels of experience, nationalities, and genres. We offer a cloud-based platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, inspiration, and debate. Dance ICONS is based in Washington, D.C., and serves choreographers the world over. 


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International Service Organizations

Australian Dance Council – Ausdance, communicates the valuable contribution dance makes to the lives of all Australians. We support sustainable careers through industry partnerships and skills development programs. We share best practice standards for safe dance, teaching methodology and business practice. We foster international networks that provide career opportunities for Australian dance artists. We encourage discussion about the value and purpose of dance by publishing writing, research and good 
Canadian Dance Assembly - CDA is the voice of the professional dance sector in Canada and promotes a healthy, sustainable environment in which professional dance practice can grow and thrive.  CDA cultivates a strong national voice for Canadian professional dance and supports the development of resources for this field of artistic expression. Through conferences, workshops, and networking events we connect the dance community from coast to coast, building a cohesive and dynamic milieu.
Dance UK is the national voice for dance. It was founded in 1982 by a group of dance professionals who identified the need for a central organization, which could tackle the big issues facing the dance sector as a whole.  By working with and on behalf of the sector, Dance UK aims to promote sustainable, longer dance careers and to improve the conditions in which dance is created, performed and experienced. As the national voice for dance, Dance UK advocates and lobbies government and the cultural industries to promote the importance of dance and needs of dancers. We work to create a diverse, dynamic and healthy future for dance. 
Dance New Zealand – DANZ aims to assist dance artists and organizations with professional development in production skills, leadership, funding proposals, promotion and marketing, to provide them with the confidence and skills to build a strong and sustainable industry. As a service organization, DANZ strives to create a friendly, welcoming, fair, objective and professional environment. Consulting, respecting the diversity of dance and encouraging opportunities for information sharing and dialogue through a wide variety of means, is the core of our service. 
Dance Ireland celebrates, develops and promotes the diversity of dance practices in Ireland today through a comprehensive training and development programing, special events, partnerships and commissioning. We work to support the development of choreography by providing practical supports and services for all dance artists. 
Israeli Choreographers Association is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports – Administration of Culture – Department of Dance, and by the Tel-Aviv municipality. The association goals are; encouraging original quality artistic creation and peaceful artistic lives; expressing the spirit of the place; holding an up-to-date mirror up to dance. 
Dance Forum South Africa provides cohesion between existing contemporary dance initiatives and to enhance opportunities for skills transfer, vocational training and the development of a culture of excellence within the industry regionally, nationally and internationally. Dance Forum has a unique industry-wide focus and is founded on lengthy experience in South African contemporary dance coupled with a concern for maintaining the health of the industry, and a clear strategic vision of steps that must be taken to ensure the sustained vibrancy of one of South Africa’s most valuable, and politically aware, performing arts sectors.  
Gati Dance Forum INDIA is a pioneering arts initiative that works in the field of contemporary dance. Founded in 2007, in response to the glaring absence of opportunities and infrastructure for independent dance in India, Gati has consistently searched for avenues to create a sustainable environment for the development of contemporary dance practice in the country. Both conceived of and run by dance professionals and choreographers, Gati Dance Forum is a model path-breaking community initiative.

Dance Platform Switzerland introduces professional dance companies working in Switzerland. It has been launched as a way to get an overview of the richness and diversity of choreography in our country. International networking, high artistic standards and a focus on young talent all apply to dance in Switzerland today. There are six dance companies based in multi-disciplinary theatres and opera houses, some of which enjoy international renown. The independent scene comprising over one hundred companies - half of whom tour internationally every year - is very lively and strong.  
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