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Academic Research Organizations

Choreographing and making dances relies not only, or merely, on personal inspiration. Often choreographers need rigorous historic, intellectual and philosophical underpinnings to support their artistic projects. The following academic and scholarly dance organization can be both a resource and a means to share and disseminate your own research.



Society of Dance History Scholars advances the field of dance studies through research, publication, performance, and outreach to audiences across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. As a constituent member of the American Council of Learned Societies, SDHS holds wide-ranging annual conferences; publishes new scholarship through its proceedings and book series; collaborates regularly with peer organizations in the U.S. and abroad; and presents yearly awards for exemplary scholarship, including the de la Torre Bueno Prize®.


Congress of Research in Dance (CORD) promotes a globally inclusive respectful dialogue concerning embodied and discursive approaches to dance research. Building on the rich legacy of dance scholarship, CORD advances innovative and creative understandings of dance. Through mentorship, advocacy, and outreach, CORD fosters an international community of current and future dance leaders and scholars.

Society of Dance Research embraces a wide cross-section of the dance world: scholars. critics, teachers, lecturers, students, librarians, dancers, choreographers, archivists, and interested dance-goers. Members come from the United Kingdom and abroad and their interests span all forms of dance and associated disciplines, such as music, theater, design, and literature.



European Dance Research Information Directory is the first English-language directory of European institutions and individuals engaged in dance research, history, theory, and documentation — collecting information to restore the past for the present and to record the present for the future in the field of dance.


AIRDanza, the Italian Dance Research Association (Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sulla Danza AIRDanza), seeks to promote, coordinate, and support dance studies and to identify and preserve Italian documentary heritage, promote and coordinate cataloguing projects, and work toward the establishment of a national public dance archive, virtual, on paper, and audiovisual.